Nance Hatch, December 18, 2019

Why Buy Land in Florida?

Updated: 2020-01-15 15:11:40

Florida, the sunshine state, continues to draw record numbers of transplants who seek a break from the ever colder northern winters to enjoy the Florida lifestyle of warm temperatures and plentiful outdoor recreation.  

In Florida, builders are frantically building again after the last recession. Now there are more options than ever with the advent of modern and energy friendly regular built or pre-fab manufactured homes. The popularity of container homes, tiny homes and small houses are further fueling the quest for home affordability at every income. Skip lots (lots that are in residential neighborhoods) are plentiful and available with utilities already there so building your dream home is that much easier.

Most larger builders now help you get financing and land sellers like Get Land Florida also offer financing which is a big change from the traditional mortgage financing model. Whatever your reason, the value of real estate in such a welcoming and livable climate as Florida (with no state taxes) is a compelling reason to invest in buying land in the sunshine state.

Some things to keep in mind include: the county you want to live in - East Coast, Gulf Coast, middle of the state? The closer you get to water, the more expensive the land will be. What size parcel do you want? This depends on what your goals are: to build a single-family home or have a multiple acre tract. How will you use this land? As a hunting place, as a weekend getaway for recreational use, or to be in an established neighborhood near friends?  Our Tips for Buying Land to Build On will give you more specifics on what to look for.

The reasons for buying land are as varied as the people who buy them. Working with a professional group who knows the state is a big step in making sure you buy the right land for the purpose you want your land for. At you can easily buy land online with all the data you need to know to make an informed decision. We'll walk you through every step of your land exploration and purchase to make sure you get the land you desire. We know the counties, the restrictions, the good areas, the schools, everything you need to know through our deep data that aggregates all the details for you.

Buying land in Florida now could be the best decision you ever made both financially as a good investment and emotionally by knowing you made an excellent decision and purchase. And the best part is the Florida lifestyle. While your old neighbors are shoveling snow you will be sitting on one of Florida’s many beautiful lakes, rivers, lagoons, or beaches!